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Conversion Designer

Jen Gordon

I’m Jen Gordon and one of the creators of The Landing Page Conversion Class. As a UI/UX designer and instructor, I’ve worked for dozens of Fortune 500 clients, including Zoho, WebMD, Yahoo!, and UPS.

Understanding how design affects conversions rates is my geeky passion. And, it’s what has made me so successful. This course is my way of helping you gain the necessary skills to knock your next project and your business out of the park.


Conversion COPYWriter

Jen Havice

I’m Jen Havice and the other co-creator of this course. I work with businesses large and small to develop landing page and website copy that inspires their customers to take action and make them more money.

I’m a firm believer that data driven research combined with a brand's personality can make copywriting and conversion magic. Just like the other Jen, it’s inspired me to make this course a reality so that I can help you provide even more value to your clients.


you’ll be relieved to know we’ve been featured On:

Is more than one Jen too much of a good thing? Take our course and find out!



landing page design work gets you

oh, and here is

What You'll Learn

We take you step by step through 28 info-packed lessons

Jan - March 2015 Income. These numbers are based on a 25-30 hour workweek. Because of time constraints, I turn down 2 - 5 new potential clients each week. These numbers are for client work ONLY. If you want, I'll also share how I make an additinoal $2-3k/mo. selling my own digital products. - Jen G.

Questions to ask before the design process starts, to increase conversion possibilities.

How to get your design into an A/B testing tool without hiring a programmer.

Ways to figure out the best design elements and copy to test on your pages.

Report Templates to provide your clients that show the results of your testing experiments!

Learn how to define your winning variant and continue optimizing the design.

Ways to figure out the best design elements and copy to test on your pages.



let’s break it down

Here’s the Truth

Let’s address the bull elephant in the room. We both know you could learn a lot about A/B Testing and conversion optimization for FREE by reading all the expert blogs. You won’t be out of pocket a single penny. You may be the kind of person that learns best by spending lots of time doing research. That's ok!

Jen and I subscribe to the 80/20 rule when it comes to teaching this material. In this course, we teach you the top 20%, most important information you need to know - to get you 80% of the way to your goal of learning A/B testing.

So, what can you expect to get out of this course… really?

Since we’re being honest here, we’re not going to blow sunshine up your… well, you know what… and promise you’ll be an all around CRO pro in 4 weeks.

If you’re looking for a deep dive into the nitty gritty of A/B testing, data interpretation, or Google Analytics, this isn’t the course for you. There’s other people who do that really, really well. We’re happy to direct you to them.


Instant Clients

who are looking for designers with A/B testing experience!



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We're happy to answer any questions you may have

Is The Conversion Class just for web designers?

No. We created the course specifically for designers to help them become more competitive in the marketplace and provide more value to their clients. But, much of what’s in the course is applicable to anyone working in the online marketing space who must understand how copy and design affects conversions. To get the most out of the course, having some basic HTML/CSS skills helps, but isn't required. If you're not sure whether this course is going to be the best fit for you, feel free to email us at [email protected].

Can I get my money back if I'm not happy?

Yes! You’ve got 30 days to try the course. If you’re not satisfied, send us an email within 30 day. No questions asked.

Why do I have to learn about copywriting?

We believe copy precedes design - and that’s not just the copywriter speaking. Whether you like it or not, design elements support the messaging. People come to websites and landing pages first and foremost (with few exceptions) to gain information. When dealing with pages that need to sell, the copy plays the starring role in tapping into the prospects’ motivations and alleviating any anxieties. The design and layout can help with the overall tone of the brand but in the end it should make it as easy as possible for the visitors to get the info they need and propel them along the path to achieving their goals. So, learning the important aspects of conversion copywriting principles is critical in putting together landing pages that will perform.

How do I balance A/B testing and design? Basically... I want to focus on design, not become an analytics person.

Jen G: For me, A/B testing work provides a nice balance and break from my visual design work. It gives my design work some time to breathe, so I can come back to it fresh and with new insights and ideas. You will need to decide how far you want to dive into the deep end of running A/B tests. This course will only give you an overview of what’s involved and where to start with resources on how to learn more. You may decide you absolutely love it - and want to become a testing junkie. Or, you will prefer to collaborate with a CRO pro going forward. Either way, we’ll be there to give you guidance and advice based on our own experiences.

There seems like there’s a lot of information in this course. Is it realistic I can do it in a month?

Our aim is to give you enough information and practical hands on exercises to get you up and running in the world of conversion centered design without overwhelming you. So, we’ve made an effort to streamline the lessons as much as possible.

But, there’s still quite a bit to cover. That’s why you’re welcome to go entirely at your own pace. If you can’t get to the week’s lessons but still want to hang out on the weekly call, we encourage you to do so. If you don’t have time to be on the call, it’s not a problem. Do what you can, when you can knowing the lessons, call recordings, and resources will be there waiting for you.

Will my access to the course expire?

No. Everyone who purchases today gets lifetime access to all of the course materials. That includes any updated lessons and case studies that come out in the future.

Are the Jens available for ongoing coaching?

Yes. As you work through the course if you decide you’d like a 1 on 1 coaching session to get help with your own project or feedback on a client project, send us an email and we’ll get one scheduled. Email [email protected].

Can I download the lessons to my computer or mobile device?

Yep! You can download all of the lesson videos (mp4) and the text course materials (PDF). Load them onto your mobile device and go!

Do I get access to everything at once?

Yes! You will get access to the course site as soon as you join. All of the course materials will be available the day the course starts. The only thing you’ll have to wait for are the weekly calls with the Jens. Those will be recorded and available on the course site after they happen so you can always go back and review the calls.

Does it Convert?

More than ever, clients are saying - It looks great, but

The Conversion Class

Teaching UI/UX Designers How to Design for Conversions and Charge Like an Agency

Pretty landing pages may turn heads but conversions will

Make them Spin!

Can you guess which page captured more leads?

You’re already a talented designer or online marketer. You get how to put together a beautiful web page. Maybe you even get some oohs and aahs whenever your boss or your client looks at your work.

But feeling confident that what you’ve just produced will get visitors to do what you want them to do… well, that’s a different story.

Because there’s a big difference between a landing page that just looks good and one that performs well.

Pretty pages may turn heads, but conversions will make them spin.

Original Design

Clean, Crisp Re-Design

Clean, Crisp Re-Design

Original Design

After changing the headline and layout what happened?

Understanding the fundamentals of conversion centered design and copy is more than a few hacks strung together with a couple of A/B button color tests. It’s a process that makes landing pages better and you more marketable.

Your customers don’t know how much money they’re leaving on the table by not A/B testing and optimizing their landing pages.

Teach them and they’ll love you forever.

Learn How to impact your customers’ bottom line and bring in

More Clients

seriously, you’ll be turning down work

Work with customers who are happy to pay you a

Higher Rate

for the additional value you provide

Demand for multi-discipline designers and marketers is on the rise. You need to know more than Photoshop and some front end coding to stand out from the crowd.

To be highly competitive and charge higher rates, employers and clients expect you to understand how online marketing works in tandem with the pages you’re developing for them.
That’s why we created The Landing Page Conversion Class - so we can help designers and marketers like you:

  • Understand the bigger online marketing picture and how the design work you do fits into it
  • Create a variety of different types of high converting landing pages that will complement your client’s sales funnel - and that you can charge more for
  • Stop auctioning off your designs and your time on crowdsourced sites for peanuts
  • Use your already formidable skills with the power of conversion rate optimization to market your own products and courses

Multiple Skillsets

employers and clients are looking for designers with

*Source: HOW Design Magazine - 2014 Design Salary Survey



get unlimited lifetime access to course content

What's Included

You get all of the lessons outlined above, plus...

How all this works

Step by Step

The Class is currently Closed to New Students

When you join the course

You’ll receive a confirmation email with your login instructions for immediate access to the course.

Every Friday there will be a weekly live webinar where we’ll dig into the big takeaways from that week’s lessons, give feedback on any work you’ve completed, and answer questions. Be on the look out for an email at the beginning of each week with a link to join.

During the Course

Work through the lessons for each week at your own pace. If you can’t make the webinar, don’t worry about it. Each one will be recorded and available with the rest of the course materials once completed.

You can email the Jens with any questions that pop up about the course, landing pages, our favorite kind of chocolate…

You’ll have the tools you need to build your own bright and shiny + well optimized landing page for a product/course launch, lead generation, and short form sales page.

At the end of the course

How much more do conversion trained designers make?

More Revenue

Stop Leaving Money on the Table
for You and Your Clients






You’re ready and fired up to start optimizing? Hold your horses! Before you dive in, you need the basic principles of conversion centered design in your backpocket. These include things like - how to do customer research, create a well thought out sales funnel, and perform a heuristic analysis. You’ll get a rundown of the process we use before tackling a new or existing landing page design.

Learn How to Easily Integrate Conversion Optimization into Your Design Process


GET THE SKINNY ON:  ✓ Customer Research   ✓ Heuristic Analysis   ✓ Traffic Sources & Message Match   ✓ Sales Funnels… and more



GET THE SKINNY ON:  ✓ Long form vs. Short form ✓ Message Mining ✓ Click worthy CTAs ✓ Rock Solid Social Proof ✓ Killer Headlines… and more

If you thought those little old words on the page weren’t all that important… we’ve got news for you, they are. They’re critical. In fact, your copy precedes design. That’s why we’ve got a whole week giving you the tools you need to determine how long your pages should be, where to find the best messages from your research, what the key landing page copy components are, and how they work together.

Understanding How Copy Drives Conversions




GET THE SKINNY ON:  ✓ Wireframes ✓ Formatting ✓ Hypotheses ✓ A/B & Iterative testing ✓ Tools… and much more

This is where you dig into putting your designs together and learning the nuts and bolts of iterating and testing. We’ll walk you through the basics from what 3rd party tools to use so you can bypass Photoshop to what the biggest problems with A/B testing are - and how to deal with them.

How to Build and A/B Test Your Conversion Centered Designs




GET THE SKINNY ON:  ✓ Client prospecting ✓ Raising your rates ✓ Positioning yourself as a conversion designer ✓ Working with copywriters… and much more

Once you’ve put in the work to gain your new skills, the next step is making them work for you. Jen Gordon will walk you through how she’s been able to build up her business over the years. You’ll find out how to quickly build up your portfolio to get more work, the best ways to pitch your landing page skills, and even how to write your first proposal as a conversion centered designer.

How to Put Your New Skills Into Practice



Support, mentorship, and two friendly experts ready to answer your questions

Every week we’ll have a 1 hour call where you can get your burning questions answered and advice on that week’s homework. Think of us not only as your conversion guides but your cheerleaders as well. We’ll be there to help you every step of the way. You can even email us in between the weekly calls.

It’s all well and good to watch some videos and read through a bunch of information - but if you aren’t applying what you’ve learned, you’ll have a hard time retaining it. Each lesson has a bite sized assignment meant to be easy to accomplish so you’ll be sure to finish the course.

This course is self paced. Read the lessons and watch the videos when it works for you. No mandatory time commitments here. This isn’t junior high.

Practical Training and Bite Sized Assignments that Fit your Schedule



Video tutorials and course materials

We want to set you up for success after the course is over. You’ll leave with worksheets, lessons, and a game plan you can plug into your business.

Plus, you’ll be able to download the proposal template and pricing model Jen Gordon uses for pitching her landing page design work.

We don't leave you with a bunch of skills and nowhere to use them. Our partnership with Coworks allows designers to connect with project owners, many who need landing pages designed.

Our goal is to help you build a portfolio of landing page designs that are ready to convert.

Our Partnership with Coworks


There are a lot of tools out there to help you with A/B testing, heatmap tracking and landing page publishing. Different people prefer different tools, so we've lined up fantastic discounts on the top CRO web applications. You can take them for a spin and decide what works best for you and your clients.

Discounts on Testing and CRO Tools


Here’s to saving time and learning fast!

Jen & Jen

What you will get in the
Landing Page Conversion Class

  • A skillset that will make it possible for you to provide more value to your clients and charge more for yourself
  • A proven framework for optimizing all types of landing pages based on CRO principles
  • Support, advice, and a whole lot of real world examples from two chicks who’ve spent time in the trenches.

Our Promise to You

These changes doubled the number of leads into this customer's sales funnel each month.

Learn conversion centered design to grow your business, raise your rates, design kickass pages that generate more revenue, and make your clients waaay happier.

Learn conversion centered design to grow your business, raise your rates, design kickass pages that generate more revenue, and make your clients waaay happier.


Teaching UI/UX Designers How to Design for Conversions and Charge Like an Agency

The Conversion Class

“After a one-hour Skype call with Jen Havice, I picked up more actionable and contextual advice for my business than in a year of reading books, articles and attending expensive marketing conferences.”

Danny Richman
Richman SEO Training

“Jen Gordon's landing page design course is an excellent and comprehensive introduction for beginners or intermediates who work on their landing pages.”

Paras Chopra
Visual Website Optimizer

A Self Paced Online Course you can Finish in 4 Weeks

Unfortunately this course is closed. Page online for portfolio purposes only. jen & jen :)

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